Rest in peace, Ms. Dorothy Wooden

KC's great grandmother recently passed, which is not exactly a horrible thing. Having succumbed to severe dimensia for a while now, she was no longer the smart, independent lady everyone knew. Humanity tells us that no one wishes to live in a world where everything is unfamiliar and no action can be taken without the help of another. It was a blessing that she finally passed and peace is hers at last. She was such a lovely woman who'd achieved unimaginable feats, including having nine children after getting married at the age of 14. She will be missed. We'll be traveling to Chicago on Thursday for the funeral which will take place on Friday.

The kids were amazed to find out that up until a few days ago, they had two great-great grandmothers who were still alive. The woman who lived in the top floor of the duplex where KC's mom used to live was merely perceived as the woman who lived above Grandma. It was funny to see their faces when they learned Mama Jean is actually blood-related family.

Not a big fan of funerals, myself, I'm hoping this one goes without a hitch and we all leave feeling at peace, appropriately bereaved, and un-traumatized. We shall see...


Ambulatio Memoranda (A Walk to Remember)

November 4th, 2008 brought with it a day of uniqueness and change. The Curtis family, all avid supporters of now President-select Obama, stayed up late to witness the televised journey of the election results. Although we were all elated about the victory of our selected candidate, a point was made to ensure the children were aware of the intricacies of the race. Integrity and good sportsmanship were encouraged as it is believed that McCain and yes, even Palin, held remarkable and commendable achievements under their belts. The fact that those two did not receive a vote from our house, does not at all put to rest their reputations and accomplishments. We did not wish for our children to continue to think that choosing one candidate meant defacing and disrespecting the other. As we watched McCain's speech, we were disgusted by the boo's and childish comments made by some of his supporters and sadly enough, that ridiculous display of immaturity only reinforced our case that this type of behavior is wrong. We wish our next president only the best and hope with the assistance of all of the others within the political sector, the country will see better days.


Spring Forward, Fall Back!

Yup, daylight savings was only a few hours ago and the day seemed extremely short, although wonderfully warm. Kimani and Mom started their own blog pages because they're silly like that and Kimani is waaay excited to make her "bff Melody" very jealous because Melody does not have a blog page of her own. Oh, the blessings we take for granted. Had leftover stir-fry for dinner, AJ got a haircut, Kendall only got completely naked once, and Dad was... well, it's football Sunday. Mom and Kimani cleaned up Kimani's room and the house is slowly becoming more bare as we downsize our crap, readying ourselves for the move to Florida in March - which better freakin happen. It was a productive, easy, warm, and lovely day for the Curtis 5, who are extremely grateful for all that we have, even though we didn't go to church... again. Sigh, one day...


Ready, Set, Blog!

Ok, so my friend Amy had introduced me to the whole blog thing and I've always wanted to try it. I think it's a wonderful way to let loved ones know how things are progressing with myself and my family and it's much simpler than letter-writing, which I suck at anyway. Hopefully I can keep this going and make it all pretty... We'll see! Here we go.