Spring Forward, Fall Back!

Yup, daylight savings was only a few hours ago and the day seemed extremely short, although wonderfully warm. Kimani and Mom started their own blog pages because they're silly like that and Kimani is waaay excited to make her "bff Melody" very jealous because Melody does not have a blog page of her own. Oh, the blessings we take for granted. Had leftover stir-fry for dinner, AJ got a haircut, Kendall only got completely naked once, and Dad was... well, it's football Sunday. Mom and Kimani cleaned up Kimani's room and the house is slowly becoming more bare as we downsize our crap, readying ourselves for the move to Florida in March - which better freakin happen. It was a productive, easy, warm, and lovely day for the Curtis 5, who are extremely grateful for all that we have, even though we didn't go to church... again. Sigh, one day...

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  1. The day did indeed seem really short yesterday. After it got dark I kept thinking it was much later than it really was. Sounds like you at least had a nice day :)